February 2013 MACTE Minute

Educator Preparation: Myth vs. Facts


P-12 education continues to operate under the microscope of public scrutiny which encourages increasing regulation.   We all have a vested interest in providing an efficient educational system that produces citizens and scholars able to compete with the “best and brightest” from around the world.  If our efforts are guided by myths and half-truths we will be unsuccessful in providing the system our students deserve.  MACTE thus seeks to dispel myths that continue to influence the public conversations regarding teacher preparation through our legislative position papers and our public statements including past “MACTE Minutes”. 


In December of the past year we explored the first of these myths about teacher preparation; colleges have few entry requirements for teacher candidates.  We identified a series of demanding entry and exit requirements set by our 32 teacher preparation institutions that assure effective teachers in our state’s classrooms.  Last month we discounted a second myth, our teacher preparation programs are not accountable to those we serve, as we recalled the form and function of multiple, overlapping and often arduous state, federal and voluntary accreditation of our institutions.  We also noted that our colleges are actively involved in the development of new, authentic measures of both programmatic and teacher candidates’ performance, including the education teacher performance assessment, edTPA.  (See full position paper )

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January 2013 MACTE Minute

Myth-Busting MACTE Minute #2:  Accountability Matters 


MACTE institutions are committed to preparing effective teachers and ensuring public confidence.  This MACTE Minute is the second in a series written to address negative myths held about teacher preparation.  Last month’s Minute addressed the myth that teacher preparation programs at higher education institutions had low standards for admission. The Minute explained that Minnesota teacher education programs use a wide variety of rigorous entrance and exit criteria to assure that only successful candidates are recommended for licensure. This month, we address a second myth about educator preparation.


Myth: Teacher preparation programs in higher education operate with no accountability and actively oppose accountability efforts.  (See full position paper )

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December 2012 MACTE Minute

Educator Preparation: Myths vs. Facts

December 14, 2012

Teacher preparation is gaining increasing national attention because research continues to indicate that teacher effectiveness significantly impacts student achievement. Parents and policy makers alike want to know that every educator is well prepared. Confidence in our teacher candidates is enhanced through understanding Minnesota teacher preparation practices and policies. Institutions of higher education are committed to preparing effective teachers and to ensuring public confidence. Over the next few months, the MACTE Minute will address myths about educator preparation by sharing important facts about Minnesota’s educator preparation programs.

Myth: There are few entry or exit requirements for teacher candidates. Anyone can get in, and everyone gets out. 

Fact: Rigorous entry and exit requirements assure effective teacher candidates.

(See full position paper )

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